February 25, 2016

Storm Damage


Severe weather storms can cause enough anxiety without having to add the stress of property damage concerns. Unfortunately, many do not realize that various types of tree damage may not be covered under their particular insurance programs. Out On A Limb Tree & Land Service assists property owners by protecting the interests of our customers when dealing with insurance companies. We understand the importance of proper reimbursement from your provider, and we are happy to assist you if you are in need of help. Speak to us if you have any concerns regarding potentially damaging trees on your property, or damage that has already occurred.


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In the event of a storm that has produced damage to your property, you may need to have an advanced crew tend to the removal. Trees can pose great danger if they have fallen on power lines or cables. We have the experience to eliminate the problem and unsightly nuisance. We can grind or use professional chippers and leave your property free of debris.
If a tree falls during a storm, you should have us programmed into your cell phone and utilize our emergency service. Please enter our company for quick access in your phone under “tree service” should you need us in a hurry. Our phone rings to an emergency number and we can promptly tend to your needs.
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If you have experienced property damage from a storm, try to stay calm and call us immediately at 845-227-4409.